Wood preparation

The right beginning is a guarantee of a successful production process. Taking care of the final product starts from the moment the material is chosen, by only using raw materials which were carefully selected by years of  knowledge and expertise.


Machine Processing

Wood, selected under the watchful eyes of experienced carpenters, goes forward to the machining stage. Supporting the work of the crew by professional technology, guarantees precision of each element. Processes such as tenon joints, longitudinal profiling and grinding, are performed with high-end machines.


Manual precision

Where precision workmanship is particularly important, we use traditional handcrafting, recognizing it as an essential element of successful production. We repeat the process of manual grinding, using the effect of lifting the wood fibers between stages of impregnation and lacquering.



Automation of the painting process, guarantees perfect coverage of the entire surface, especially the places which could be overlooked during manual painting. The use of modern equipment and electrostatic lacquering, not only ensures even application of the paint, it makes the whole process more environmentally friendly by limiting losses with accuracy.


Installation of fittings

We attach the fittings with utmost care and precision. We only use the best tried and tested hardware , which is resistant to excess wear, and ensures trouble-free use of our windows and doors for many years.



The final, and one of the most important stages of the production process, involves assembling the sealed units. Precision workmanship ensures a perfect fit to the wing and provides excellent thermal insulation and security.


Product labeling

Marking the product with our Urzędowski metal logo serves as confirmation and assurance that the product has been manufactured in accordance with exceptional standards set by our company. The Urzędowski logo is one of the most important emblems of quality in your home.


Quality control and packaging

The attention to quality does not end at the final stage of the production. Thorough quality control precedes the shipment of goods, which guarantees the customer with a delivery of a perfect product, that meets all high standards and expectations.