Przesuwamy ceny w dół - metka
Przesuwamy ceny w dół - promocja

Difficult and demanding projects

We have no apprehension about the taking on the most difficult of projects. Our experienced team of technicians and designers bravely take on projects where others hesitate. Restoration of old building windows, under the strict supervision of conservation committee, are all challenges that only motivates us.
All projects are preceded by detailed technical documentation, so that the smallest details can be confirmed prior to production.

Unusual constructions and shapes

We can design and produce almost any shape of window. Ovals, arcs, trapezoids, limited only by the imagination.
All non-standard constructions are preceded by technical drawings in CAD and carried out by computer-controlled CNC machines with an accuracy to the tenth of a millimeter. There is no room for mistakes.


Developer projects

Choosing windows Urzędowski is a clear indication that the investment is dedicated to customers who appreciate quality and style. Solid stylish woodwork adds value and increases the chances of the sale of investments and obtaining a satisfactory price.

We have the capacity to realise multi-family buildings, apartment buildings and single-family housing developments.

Unique wood varieties

For demanding customers looking for something unique, we realise orders with sophisticated wood species, whether lacquered or oiled:

  • Sapele
  • Iroko
  • American walnut
  • Teak
  • Larch
  • American Ceder
  • Ash
  • Accoya
  • Birch
  • White washed Oak
  • Brushed Oak
  • Brushed Meranti

Sapele Mohagony / Galux Softline

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