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Principles of care and maintenance of woodwork.

The nobility of material such as wood requires a certain amount of attention. Its big advantage is longevity, but also uncomplicated care. As a result, wooden windows and doors can be a source of satisfaction and comfort for many generations. Being systematic and regular is the foundation of care for wooden windows and doors. They should be thoroughly cleaned at least two or three times a year. This is best done before the period of summer and winter. This is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also practical ones, so that contaminants do not damage the paintwork.


Cleaning is best done using warm water and a mild detergent, e.g. a mild dishwashing liquid and a few drops of water. This mix will remove dust and any debris, perfectly. After cleaning, a protective emulsion should be applied to the frame.

Technical condition

Systematic checking of the technical condition is very important. It allows you to quickly detect and eliminate damage. It is worth inspecting the frames for cracks, chipping or flaking. If these problems occur, it is best to contact a specialist who will do a professional restoration of the damaged area. The condition of the coating should also be examined after any hailstorm, so that any damage is repaired immediately.

Fittings and locks are also important

It is worth checking the proper operation of the fittings, at least once a year after removal of impurities. It is recommended to lubricate and oil all essential fittings for the proper functioning of all metal elements. When you oil the fittings on the frame, it ensures ease of use in their operation and protects them from premature wear. For maintenance, one should use appropriate grease or machine oil, available in specialized retail outlets, free of resins and acids. It is equally important to check the locking positions. Damaged or loose locks must be replaced immediately.


Every 2 to 5 years, the coating of lacquer, which covers the surface of frame, should be renewed. To prepare surfaces for painting, they should be vacuumed, cleaned and dried. Painting should be done using the same means that have been used previously. Spraying should be carried out at an ambient temperature of between 10-24˚C, and the humidity should not exceed 85%; this is the same procedure for wooden door care. It is important to maintain both regular cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, special attention should be given to exterior doors, as these are more exposed to harmful factors. Proper and systematic maintenance ensures that the wooden windows and doors will serve you for years.