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    How to maintain wooden windows ?

    Beautiful wooden windows are most certainly a source of satisfaction and comfort for you. Properly cared for , they will serve you and your family for many years and even generations. However, this requires some care, and application of several principles of cleaning and maintenance.

    In harmony with nature

    kostka, dodatek


    The Urzędowski factory is one of the leaders in the field of woodwork, and that is why we feel responsible for creating positive ecological practices. Therefore, all aspects of care for the environment are very important for us, and in relation to the growing threats from climate change, the company continues to support the search for better solutions. This is certainly by the use of wood as a renewable resource.
    High awareness of environmental issues makes all our operations have huge respect for the environment. As a result, both the production process and the final product are fully compatible with nature. Rational uses of raw materials, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, are aspects which we can give back to nature for the use of its resources.
    Urzędowski was the first manufacturer of window frames which passed a verification process and obtained a Green Brand Certificate, which singles out products that are environment friendly for people and nature.
    Our sources for the supply of timber are systematically controlled and are confirmed by our compliance with responsible forest management practices, consistent with the FSC certification. Thus, we guarantee that the acquired raw materials by us, only come from certified sources.

    kostka, dodatek

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