The Urzędowski brand is the leader of wooden joinery on the market, was established from a combination of carpentry tradition and multi-generational experience, which is supported by the latest technologies. The flagship products of our company have been found by a wide audience, both on Polish and foreign markets, for many years. The products are characterized by timeless aesthetics and original design. At each stage of co-operation, they are supported by professional advice and a robust service.


1989 / 1990 – Single-windows At the turn of 1989 and 1990, single-windows were introduced to our current manufacturing production. They exceeded the parameters and functionality of the Casement windows locking system, which were produced at that time. Introducing a pioneering solution, we also broke away from the misguided idea that wooden windows are difficult to close, leaky and non-functional.

1990 / 1991 – Envelope Fittings The introduction of the envelope fitting, resulted from the implementation of new windows structure. They guaranteed a very high level of tightness, as they were mounted inside the frame, around the perimeter of the seal, which was very firmly pressed against the window frame.

1997 – Meranti wood and window units of standard: Ug=1,1 W/m2K The use of exotic species in the production of wood windows, was the undisputed breakthrough. Up to this time, window joinery had been based solely on native species. The introduction of Meranti was a major innovation that set trends over the following years. We were the first leading manufacturer which decided on such an innovative product, at an affordable price. The year, 1997, was exceptional, due to the fact that we were the first manufacturer in the industry to introduce double-glazed window units to clients and customers, with a coefficient heat transfer of 1.1; for a long time Urzędowski was the only factory which had such a high product standard.

1998 –  Wagner / Eisenmann Automated Electrostatic Spraying Line A year later, we implemented a Wagner / Eisenmann automated spraying line which replaced the slow productivity, and less accurate, practice of hand painting. Thanks to electrostatic technology, the quality and thickness of the varnish layer, remains under precise control and it is repeatable for each production batch.

2001 – Stylistic model, Softline Subsequent innovations not only brought tangible performance benefits, but also some aesthetic ones. We introduced a window profile 68, model Softline, in 2001. Reduced sharp edges ensure extended paint durability, and also makes them easier to keep clean. Moreover,  the implementation of the Zipper mounting glazing bead, has allowed the aesthetic and stable adhesion to the seal of the frame.

2003 – External Doors Line, 88mm Profile In August 2003, to recognize the needs of customers who value complexity, the company expanded the range of external doors – with an 88mm thickness profile. This included different designs and were available in standard, and non-standard, sizes and shapes. By introducing a door with an individual design to our range, once again we proved that a quality product can be offered at an affordable price.

2004 – The 88mm Window Profile By this time, our range was complemented with interior window sills and this model was designed to fit this window production line. The use of similar coatings, and methods of their application, ensured maintaining the homogeneous colour scheme. While extending our range, we kept putting in a lot of effort to improve other existing products. The introduction of the 88mm window profile in July 2004, was an expression of the desire to create  more energy-efficient windows. It allowed us to use a double-chamber glass pane, which significantly improved the coefficient permeability. The Urzędowski company prioritizes innovation, and continuous product improvement, as a foundation of their success. We are constantly searching for new solutions, in order to meet the growing expectations of our clients and customers. We expertly combine innovation, quality and affordability, and make our products available for everyone.


Urzędowski is a renowned brand, and by choosing our products, we ensure reliability and high quality, backed up by the  many certificates, a long-term warranty and proven service.

Our faith is confirmed by continuous increases in sales, recognition on the market which has firmly established our credibility, and ensures us the number one position on the market of wooden windows and doors.

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